The Enchanted Self           — by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


Today I'm celebrating THE ENCHANTED SELF world of potential and reality.  When I first wrote THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, I never dreamed I would be writing more and more books.  I never thought that my articles would be on hundreds of websites and that people could even learn my Gateways To Happiness by watching me on TV or on the Internet. 

I never dreamed I would help my mother to write a delightful, uplifting book of stories!  Or that my 87 year old mother would have her own web site for FEEL GOOD STORIES, So much reality has already happened and I have a feeling that wonderful opportunities because of THE ENCHANTED SELF will continue to happen.

You see, THE ENCHANTED SELF is more than me.  You are part of THE ENCHANTED SELF.  I feel it is a beacon for women. I had the vision and the language to teach the concepts but now that they are formed they generate meaning and energy of their own.  My vision became concrete reality in books, on the radio, on the web, in necklaces worn by women to celebrate themselves and you are part of that reality.

What a wonderful realization.  As discussed in that inspirational new book, The Secret, we all have the potential to make our ideas our reality.  I'm so thankful that when I envisioned THE ENCHANTED SELF, inside of me I held it to me and let it be born.  I could have called my Positive Psychology work by many other names, but although some have criticized the name, no other name quite captures the magic and practicality of achieving sustained happiness that my concepts teach.

At least in the English language there is no other way to express the idea that we can take our unique self, the self that is made up of so much history, so much feeling, so many ideas, memories, longings, talents, strengths, and find ways to constantly regenerate that self in emotionally uplifting ways.

Come, celebrate with me.  Celebrate your talents, your strengths, your compassion, your coping skills, and your potential!

— © Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

In private practice since 1981, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, psychologist and originator of The Enchanted Self, has committed to bring the keys of enchantment to the world.

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