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Another Recipe for Happiness

I noticed that Donna in a post at Match Doctor wrote such a lovely list of what brings her happiness.  She didn't call it a Recipe for Happiness, but indeed it is!  Enjoy her list, read it as a sample Recipe for Happiness and then see if you can come up with your own Recipe! 

"There are many simple pleasures that bring me joy....hearing a baby laugh, watching children play with puppies, seeing a pretty sunrise or sunset (although I have to admit to seeing many more sunsets than sunrises), hearing a passing motorcycle, feeling the sun warm me on a chilly day, sharing time with family and friends, seeing a bluebird or cardinal or hummingbird or even listening to doves cooing in the back yard. I love the smell of strawberries, cinnamon and vanilla....they all make me smile. Baking bread is feel good smell. Watching a "feel good" movie always helps my spirits - love to see the underdog come out on top."

I hope you are starting your Recipe!  I'm doing mine and it includes walking barefoot in warm sand on a mild but not hot day and finding just the perfect spring dress and it fits!   I guess I'm already looking forward to milder weather.

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