Recipe for Enchantment #33
by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Here is a wonderful Recipe For ENCHANTMENT that comes all the way from Israel--that most holy of lands! What a special recipe to 'cook' up during this season of Light! After all, when it is dark as this time of year, we are the ones who ultimately control bringing the light in! This Recipe is by Frieda, sent around the world.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, a positive psychologist, teaches people how to enhance their lives--and consequently live lives of meaning and joy--by reclaiming what is positive about themselves. This is different from the traditional psychotherapeutic model because it is a paradigm shift designed to help us focus on our strengths rather than our disabilities and our weaknesses. The treatment model teaches both the clinician and the client how to look for purpose and a sense of well-being in daily living. She calls this process The Enchanted Self, A State of Well Being, Joy, and Happiness. Visit her website at To join The Enchanted Self. E-group, click here. To subscribe to The Enchanted Self Monthly E-newsletter, click here.

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