It’s never too late!  by Bernice Becker

Those words have been important to me and have made my life more meaningful.  In fact, they are part of my philosophy of life.

When I was asked to be in the 2001 Ms. Golden Girl Pageant at Jewish Community Center, I could not picture myself singing, dancing, or speaking to a huge audience on different topics.  Nor could I envision myself telling a humorous story that I had written and would act out without falling down (I hoped).  After all, I was the oldest of the group and there was a 20-year age difference between some of the contestants and me.

Many friends and my family had encouraged me to take the challenge.  There were others, however, who had told me, “You don’t need the hassle and worry; enjoy your life and go to your time share at the Cape.” 

          I found that I resented that, and I decided to accept the challenge, preferring to believe that Golden Girls can be productive at any age.  I followed my philosophy, which at that time was (and still is) “Be the best you can be and think I can,” and not, “I can’t”.  Your body may not be at its best, but you can overcome that with a positive attitude and spirit.

          I have never regretted being in the pageant, and I still enjoy the friendships of the others who participated.  I received publicity in the media and much attention from the residents of Reeds Landing, where I live.  Actually, I felt a bit like a celebrity.  Besides, it gave me something else to write about.

Writing stories has been a happy part of my life that is important and meaningful.  I entertain at functions and am well received.  If I find myself unable to begin a story, I think, “It’s never too late, and soon I’m on my way.”

The influence of that little saying is strong.  It has had a positive effect on many of my decisions, such as starting college though married with one child and becoming an elementary school teacher and having my second child when I was forty, which at that time, was considered too old.

Those decisions made my senior years much better than they would have been.  I had more courage to make positive life changes in each stage along the way.  “It is never too late” has been a powerful motto throughout the years that has helped me to live my life to the fullest.   Still, I never believed that I would become the author of a book! Thank you, everybody, for helping me once again confirm the truth and value of the philosophies that have kept me going:  “It is never too late” and “Be the best you can be!”

by Bernice Becker


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