An Enchanted Self Moment in the New York Subways!

I notice the three men on the platform as I wait for an uptown subway. They dressed in a combination of elegance and thrift store. One of them has a pretty expensive leather jacket on. Was it warm enough for …

Another Recipe for Happiness, based on The Enchanted Self Way of Life!

Recipe for Enchantment #24


Take the advice of an 83 year old lady and follow it:

Read more and dust less.

Sit in the yard, admire the view.

Weed less.

Don’t ‘save’. Use your good China and crystal for…

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Talks About Getting the Positive Psychology Message for Women out via the Written Word

I’ve been a writer now for 20 years. Well, actually it is much longer than that. If I count from the fourth grade when I started keeping a diary, and junior high, when I started to write poetry, and college …

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist Discusses How She Discovered THE ENCHANTED SELF(R)

I was always concerned about some of the issues that clinicians face in practicing therapy. As a client, and also as a therapist, I saw again and again that we tend to focus on what is wrong about ourselves, rather …

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein looks at the Enchanted Self’s Third Gateway to Happiness in Reference to girls growing up.

The Enchanted Self’s Third Gateway to Happiness is all about learning to meet our needs, and how to negotiate for ourselves. Often kids certainly know what their needs are better than adults, because everything is less disguised, fresher and closer …

Positive Action Always Matters The Angel Elijah is Always Near.

In the Jewish tradition we talk a lot about Elijah. He is a very special angel who has all sorts of mystical duties. It is traditional to leave a wine glass for Elijah at our Passover Table and to even …

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist, Discusses THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy

After I interviewed women outside of my practice, I realized that we do not reinforce, nor encourage the capacities for joy and pleasure that we really have. Often, the media further encourages a negative view of ourselves and our world.…

I’m quoted in February’s Cosmopolitan Magazine

I’m quoted in February’s Cosmopolitan Magazine on page159 in the article, When Your Friends Start Having Babies.

Dr. Barbara is quoted in Cosmo Magazine

The quote is “She will appreciate your making the effort to spend time with her and the child…and will likely return the