WE CAN NEVER RECEIVE TOO MANY BLESSINGS. Here are some from Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist

“May you be blessed with the capacity to walk gracefully with laughter bubbling up inside as you move through your day.”

“When a sudden memory from you past comes into your head unexpectedly, may it only fill you with delight …

Check out Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein quoted in a major national article on Happiness, On The Edge: The Happiness Craze

On The Edge: The Happiness Craze
August 20, 2008
by Linda Formichelli
A new wave of books about a timeless topic hope to help you—and their eclectic authors—live a better life.

Happiness isn’t a new concept—Aristotle wrote about the topic …


As you begin to recognize the positive states of well being from your childhool, i.e., THE ENCHANTED SELF, you can become a better expert at understanding what made them heightened joyful times. It may not be enough to remember a