Another Recipe for Happiness, based on The Enchanted Self Way of Life!

Recipe for Enchantment #24


Take the advice of an 83 year old lady and follow it:

Read more and dust less.

Sit in the yard, admire the view.

Weed less.

Don’t ‘save’. Use your good China and crystal for…

Recipe for Enchantment #20

Living a Life of Enchantment is Very Simple. You need to stir together and develop seven capacities that we all have:

1. You need to know yourself.

2. You need also to like yourself.

3. You need to meet your …

Weekly Blessing

“May you be blessed with a disposition that is just as sunny in the rain as in the sun.”

This Week’s Blessings

“What you are starving for is your life!”
~Cheryl Richardson.

“May you never go hungry and above all may you never know from starving for one’s life!”
~ Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Favorite Blessing

May you find your won stride, ride your own
house, move to your own tune, sing your own
song, and above Pokies all love who you really are..
A one of a kind special offering to
this world, never to …

Favorite Quote

Favorite Quote

“…one needs to make three resolutions: Be careful not to
Become angry. Do not become tired and Online Pokies do not feel a
need to complete the work one is starting.”
…Rabbi Salanter


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein…

This Week’s Blessing

May you always find ways to give and take from life and others so that you continue to overflow with delight. Then you certainly will have the blessing of fatigue, and you will be most satisfied with whatever you are …

A Blessing -We all Need Them

May you always be able to skip through life as if you were jumping rope and never tripped. May you be so good at life’s journeying that you are even a champion at Double Dutch!     Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein