How a Tent Can Make You Happy

Imagine hiking a hundred miles away from civilization. Gorgeous scenery surrounds you. Birds are singing. You’re on a two-week adventure away from civilization. Each day is beautiful. The air is perfect albeit a little chilly ahead of the coming winter. The sun warms your shoulders as you hike. Little do you know what lurks ahead.


With tent, sleeping bag, and plenty of provisions to make your life a home-away-from home, you’re in your own little piece of heaven. Two more streams to cross and you’ll be early to your next campsite.


When you arrive at the first stream, you realize this won’t be an easy crossing. The water is wider and moving faster than you’d like. Picking the easiest place to cross, you venture slowly into the cold water. Half way across, with the pressure of the water beating against your legs, you recognize a snake coming at you rapidly with the oncoming water. You whirl around too fast trying to get out of its way as you realize not only is it alive, but it’s poisonous.


The next moment you’re under water. Something slams into your face. Fearing the snake, you thrash about violently. Your backpack hooks on something under the water. With something still flapping about near your face, you’re not sure whether you should hold still and risk drowning, or move and risk getting bitten by the poisonous snake.


After what seems like an eternity, the feared snake has floated downstream. You struggle to reach the water’s surface only to find your backpack keeps your mouth a good six inches below the surface. Adrenaline surging, you unbuckle your backpack and fight to get free.


Your first breath of fresh air was almost too late. Your vision is grey and you know you’re heading downstream amid submerged boulders. You don’t care. Air is more important than anything else, including the cold water.


As your vision clears, you scramble desperately for the nearest dry rock. Fearful, shaking, and terribly, terribly glad to be alive, you assess your situation. You don’t seem to have been bitten. Other than a couple of hard impacts with underwater rocks, you’re okay. But will you be?


You now find yourself a hundred miles from help. You’re soaking wet, no map, no compass, no food, no shelter, no tools…nothing. Now what?


Suddenly, you find yourself in the same position as 1.8 million Pakistani earthquake refugees. No provisions, winter is a couple of weeks away, and without a tent you’re going to freeze to death before you reach help…assuming you could remember which direction to hike before you lost your map and compass. You picked your hiking location to get away from civilization. Now it could be the end of you.




If in the middle of the wilderness you could get that tent and a few supplies to see you through, what would it be worth to you?


Now, what if you could reverse the situation? What if you knew of someone in such a mess? Would you send them a tent?


I would too.


In fact, I just sent 3 tents to save the lives of 15 people. I don’t know their names. I don’t know what they look like, and I’m sure they’ll never know who I am or be able to thank me. What they do know is that a heart in a far off land heard their plight and sent help. And it’s what I’m going to ask you to do in a most unique way.


You can be the difference between a family freezing to death, and a family surviving the coming winter...just 2 weeks away. You won’t get a thank you from the recipients. You won’t know their names or see their faces. What you will get is a soul-touching that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You will have done a great and noble act, something to be very proud of yourself for doing.


The UNHCR is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The U.S. arm of that organization sent me the email attached below. My special offer to you is that if you will donate $75 and send me the email confirmation of your donation, I will send you a copy of my 4-CD “Happiness: The Highest Gift” collection (a $59.95 value) to bring you a lifetime of happiness. All I ask is that you send me $11 (in the USA) to cover expenses. (If you’re outside the USA, I’ll have to ask you for a little more to cover additional shipping costs.)


Make your donation. Send me a copy of the receipt ( I’ll send you a PayPal money request to cover expenses. Pay that request and I’ll rush you a copy of my Happiness CD’s.


Please note: I am not affiliated with the UNHCR and they don’t know I’m doing this. I’m doing this because I’m a human being trying to help people who could have been my own grandparents 60 years ago. You see, they were Hungarian war refugees who survived only because of the kindness received from nameless strangers…“There but by the grace of God go I.”


Will you help?


Kindest regards,


Julian Kalmar

“Spreading happiness throughout the world.”™

Founder, The Happiness Campaign™


P.S. You may freely republish this notice in all your newsletters and send it to all your lists.



RE: Tents Urgently Needed for Pakistan - Time Running Out

Dear Friend of Refugees,


In Ghari Habibullah camp, Mohammad Aslam points to the huge gash on the side of the mountain where his village used to be. UNHCR/B.Baloch

There is just a two-week window to save lives before winter sets in and the snow starts falling.

More than 600,000 tents are still needed to shelter and protect the homeless from freezing winter conditions.

Just $75 can supply a family of five with a winterized tent.

100% of your donation
will be used to shelter earthquake victims.

UNHCR’s priority is to speed help to the higher altitude upper valleys above 2000 meters, and at the same time prepare camps at lower levels to receive those fleeing freezing, remote mountain villages. Some people are still trapped in dangerous upper valley locations, with impassable roads making it impossible for them to flee.

UNHCR is in a race against time to provide relief items to these vulnerable earthquake survivors.  With your help, the agency has already rushed in 232,000 blankets, 20,000 tents, 33,000 jerry cans to carry clean water, and 83,300 plastic sheets for temporary shelter. 

But more, much more, is needed... for the 3.5 million people affected...1.8 million left homeless...73,000 people dead...77,000 injured.

Although you have given generously, the UN Refugee Agency has received less than a quarter of the funds needed to shelter the victims of this disaster.  The cold winds of winter are only days away.  Tens of thousands could die. "Money can buy everything we need," says Jan Vandemoortele, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Pakistan, "the one thing money can't buy is time." 

To help UNHCR bring immediate shelter and comfort to those in need — click here

Thank you for your continued commitment.


Caryl García
Executive Director

P.S.  The need is urgent!  Do you know someone else who might want to help?  Please forward this email to a friend or family member and ask them to support the relief effort.  Thank you!


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