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Dear Dr Barbara,

Dear Enchanted Self Readers: I am pleased to announce that this Saturday I will be one of Jill Spiegel's guests on her motivation call-in talk show. It is heard around the world live on www.FM107.FM. See details below.

Please turn on your computer and listen to us this Saturday, September 10th.  I'll be on sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 ET.  I'll be talking about happiness and how we can have more of it.  Looking forward to sharing my Saturday night with you!  All my best,  Dr. Barbara

Laugh, Learn and Love Your Life with "The Jill Spiegel Show!!!" on Saturday
nights 9pm-11pmET. You’ve seen her on Oprah, Today and in People! Jill
captivates her listeners with her motivational call-in talk show featuring
Beatle music! Matt Lauer said "Jill could sell ice to Eskimos!" So get ready
for a fun, meaningful, high energy ride with Jill Spiegel! Go to
www.FM107.FM Sign up for their free monthly newsletter PSSSSST, which gives
a password to hear the show live streamed on the Internet. Check Jill's website at and celebrate your life!



Hurricane Katrina


Have you helped?
Dear Folks, I know a lot of you have been doing good deeds and waving all sorts of magic wands to help out in some way since Katrina struck last week. I want to acknowledge you and also help us become infused with even more energy and magic. Learn more...

I am a Positive Psychologist and a Happiness Coach. What do all of us women want? MORE HAPPINESS, PLEASE! And how do we get it, whether we are seeking treatment or looking for a coaching experience that is inspirational? We get it by discovering our ENCHANTED SELVES. I am here to help you do that.
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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
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