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Mid October 2005

Dear Dr Barbara,

Please come to a Complimentary Conversation Hour 
with Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, 
noted Positive Psychologist and Originator of THE 
ENCHANTED SELF® a method for living joyously and 
with purpose everyday.
Please join us Sunday October 30th, 9:00pm EDT.
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This Chat will focus on how we can release positive 
energies within ourselves that are tied into earlier 
successes or longings, but may not emerge on their 
own. Dr. Holstein has discovered in over 20 years of 
working with women that as women, we have a 
tendency to get defeated and/or hurt easily. With 
that often comes the closing down of our natural 
energy tank. Dr. Holstein's latest work with women 
gives amazing clues as to how we can bring alive 
again the most exuberant, creative parts of 
ourselves. (Yes, it sounds like there a book waiting 
to be born. Perhaps that will also be shared during 
the chat). 

This chat is part of the ongoing effort that Dr. 
Holstein is making to get to know you, while at the 
same time, giving back to you what she is learning 
and writing about. Come to this most informal, 
delightful hour!

"Your books and your website bring out the playful 
girl, the imp within me, that I have named Impy. She 
came out of hiding and I feel happy. I needed her. I 
needed a way to bring to life again to the special 
parts of me that can have fun, be mischievous, be 
daring, full of life, and joyful. Your Seven Gateways 
to Enchantment gave me a frame, a way to wrap my 
mind around what you are teaching and to give 
myself permission to have fun and to take pleasure 
as an adult woman." 

--Anne, California

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  • Television Guest Appearance
    "Your Enchanted Self Energy Tank"
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    I have a special offer this month. Why not treat yourself and another women in your life to an Enchanted Self gorgeous necklace, handcrafted and made to order? Why? Because you and she both deserve it. We all deserve to document to ourselves and the world that we are each an Enchanted Self! 

    Do you realize that you are a woman with positive energies and passions? I know you are. Now tell the world you know you are by wearing the Enchanted Self Heart necklace proudly!  This special deal applies to everyone who signs up for my chat on Sunday, October 30th, 2005. Ah- heck. Why am I limiting it to just those gals? It applies to everyone until Monday, October 31, 2005. For $36.00 including postage, you will get two Enchanted Self necklaces in white metal-(non-tarnishing), handcrafted and in their special little bags filled with treats. This is an amazing deal. 

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    Dear Readers





    Lots of you ask me how can I 
    recognize if I am in touch with my Enchanted Self?  
    Here is a clear example sent in to me by a newsletter 



    I am a horse trainer and riding instructor and recently found myself forgetting how to have fun with my horses. I started thinking about how when I was a kid I felt so much joy just being with my horses. There was no need to "control" or "train" them, but as an adult and a professional trainer I have become caught up in these very concepts. So I decided to get back to the joy of things-it was time to let go of some of that control and just enjoy my horses again. I chose my most trustworthy mount, a gently soul named "Jesse and decided that I was going to go for a ride, BUT I was going to let the horse control everything about it! We have a large pasture that I used for this which helped me to stay safe, so I slipped a halter and lead rope on Jesse (couldn't quite give up all control) and promised him I wouldn't use it unless both our safety was in danger. Then I hopped on bareback like I did when I was a kid and away we went. Jesse was positively giddy at the total freedom I gave him. He trotted, loped, and danced a bit in playfulness but never did anything that unseated me. I just held on to his mane and decided to let him do whatever he felt. The result was a ride that ended with me in tears-tears of joy at the exhilaration I felt and the trust that my little horse had shown me he deserved. I have been trying to describe to people how that experience made me feel, but haven't been able to quite put my finger on the right word until I read your March e-newsletter- I felt REPLENISHED. I have since taken two other "freedom" rides as I call them and all have been a gift! Thanks for helping us refocus on what's really important- living life to the fullest. 

    --Heather Kitching, Eagle Valley Equestrian 


    Can you feel Heather's passion and energy? She was able to tap into a marvelous energy source and it was all hers! Once she tapped in, she was flooded with positive emotions, and experiences. She speaks of living life to the fullest. I talk about experiencing positive states of being that are unique to each of us. Lingo may differ a little, but we are talking about the same thing: Our Enchanted Selves. This is the part of ourselves that is able to be passionately connected with life, that feels centered and 'on'. You've been there, I know you have. Share one of those times with us, as Heather did. I want to feel your enthusiasm and I know my readers do too! Write to me at drbarbara@enchantedself.com All my best, Dr. Holstein


    Television Guest Appearance
    "Your Enchanted Self Energy Tank"

    Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, once more hits the airwaves with her television show, Uniquely You Now Presents THE ENCHANTED SELF. You can see this show in 'real time' at 5:30 PM, EDT, on October 19th by going to Manhattan Neighborhood Network and clicking on channel 67. Click here for more information:

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