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    Enchantment in an e-mail
    from Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
    November 2005

    Dear Min,

    It is that time of year again. Hassles, fatigue, tension and yet we are supposed to be in touch with even more joy than usual. How can we do this? Let me help in several ways. In this newsletter you will find a link to an article of mine that I hope will help. Magic Potions We All Need This Time of Year. Also, I've included a link to another article of mine with again concrete suggestions to be good to yourself this Thanksgiving week, Come Early and Stay Late . And I have put together two wonderful gift packages for you for the holidays. Let me take on the strain of shopping for you!

    Inspirational Article by Dr. Holstein

    As winter descends we begin to feel the chill of shorter days and less sunlight. For many of us, less hours of light combined with colder temperatures results in us feel less light emotionally. For some of us, who actually have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) gloom really sets in. This gloom often has to be offset by either full spectrum lighting and/or various psychotropic medications.

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    November Gift Package
    Holiday Special

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    The truly stunning White Metal Enchanted Self Necklace (your choice of color)& "The Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU!" in paperback, beautifully gift wrapped and sent to yourself or that someone special for this holiday season.

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    Gold Leaf Holiday Necklace

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    Two necklaces for the price of one-each gift wrapped-if you decide to keep one, than you have the pleasure of unwrapping your personal gift to yourself! Gold Leaf holiday Special Necklace.

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    Buy now and get a FREE bonus offer of Bernice Becker's,
    "Feel Good Stories" in e-book form!

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    Another Recipe for Enchantment

    This recipe from Robert Fulghum is simple and yet profoundly true. Enjoy!

    Most of what I really needed to know about how to live life I learned in kindergarten:

    Share everything.

    Play fair.

    Don't hit people.

    Put things back where you found them.

    Clean up your own mess.

    Don't take things that aren't yours.

    Say you're sorry when you hurt someone.

    Wash your hands before you eat.


    Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

    Live a balanced life.

    Take a nap every afternoon.

    When you go out into the world, watch out for
    traffic, hold hands, and stick together.

    Suggested reading: Words of Encouragement By Julie Hunt

    Words of Encouragement, 9 Fantastic Formulas for a Stress Free Holiday!

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    Other Practical Words of Encouragement by Dr. Holstein

    Most of us have very special feelings and thoughts around Thanksgiving time. Perhaps we are a little less pitched emotionally and physically tired than when Christmas, Chanakah and New Year's roll along. Yet at the same time, there is an expectation of family and connection and feeling at home with others and ourselves that I believe most of us find surfacing one more time. Here is what my mother, Bernice Becker wrote about Thanksgiving a few years ago, in her story Miniam's House, which appeared in The Enchanted Self newsletter.

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