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Mid November 2005

Dear Dr Barbara,

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I am so excited to share with you this lovely woman, Deborah Shepard as she received her Enchanted Self Heroine Award. This is a wonderful miracle story. I wanted Deborah to have her Enchanted Self necklace as soon as possible. However, when I realized that she lives in the same state as my webmistress, Min Wendt,  
I was in shock. Would Min give Deborah her award in person? Yes she could, but we had to wait a few weeks. Finally the day came and Min went over to the school. Deborah was in shock, as she had been told her necklace would come in the mail. Now, here was Min coming up to her with her present in one hand and the camera in the other hand! Well, as they say, the rest is history!  
Here are the pictures and Min & Deborah's comments on the experience.

Don't forget, you can become an Enchanted Self Heroine Award also.  
Go to www.enchantedself.com for details.



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  • Recipes for Enchantment
  • A Way To Do An Act of Kindness
  • Blessing
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  • Recipes for Enchantment









    For starters, get your arms ready to hug someone!
    A hug can mean so much,
    and many things at the same time.
    It can be a sign of love, friendship, support, caring, comfort or just a sign that you are there for someone else.

    So here you go. To make this recipe 'cook' find someone right now to hug. Even a stranger will do, as we all simmer with a quiet joy of acceptance and belonging when someone hugs us!

    Store your hugs in an easily available place, such as your arms, so you can always serve up a hug to someone at less than a moment's notice.

    I hope you enjoy this recipe and I hope your hugs are so wonderful that everyone who comes into your life also takes up the art of 'cooking up' a hug!


    Mazel Tov! 

    Dear Readers, This month we are going to talk about coming home to our selves. Mazel Tov! Yes, congratulations on coming home to yourself-that beautiful person that you are-from the inside out!

    Do you know what Mazel Tov really means? Rather than simply meaning 'congratulations' or 'good luck' the expression loosely translated, more closely means 'May your life be true to your special essence, your unique spirit that has a purpose in living, never to be duplicated by anyone else!' Wow, that is an amazing difference from how we have come to accept Mazel Tov in common usage. 

    read on...


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    A Way To Do An Act of Kindness


    We all have felt the impact of the natural disasters that have crossed our earth this past year. As most of us sit down for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in a couple of weeks, I felt it was in the spirit of the season to pass on to you what my wonderful friend, Julian Kalmar is doing to help the less fortunate amongst us. Please read the dramatic story he forwarded to me and consider making a contribution to help. I am going to and I'll feel just a little bit better about my capacities to be kind and generous! 


    All my best...







    May you always have the energy, courage and wisdom to perform a random act of kindness and may you still have to energy left to clean out your 'refrigerator of your mind.'







    This month let's enjoy two quotes:
    When we find a smelly item in the refrigerator, we quickly get rid of it so that it does not contaminate the other foods. We should view negative feelings in the same light, for they can infect all our other emotions with negativity.
    -Rabbi Abraham Twersky


    Random acts of kindness makes the soul feel good. Be generous with them. Make your own corner of the world worth visiting and hope for the ripple effect.