Please join
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein for a "Free Conversation Hour" about how to get you stimulated and I will share some of my concepts around the Enchanted Self and you will share some of your stories in this process.

ly 25th, 2005, 8:00 PM EDT

From Dr. Barbara

"What a great idea! I decided it would be such fun to chat with you! This will be an informal conversation with you, my dear readers, and myself about any relevant topic. I will be glad to chat about positive memories and how to find and use them effectively; chat about the history of THE ENCHANTED SELF; chat about your backgrounds and what has drawn you to my concepts and of course your reactions and questions. You can ask questions, and as long as they don't require a clinical response that is specific to a particular person, I'll try to answer. We can also have fun with activities right on the phone such as brainstorming ways to build more pleasure into our lives. I hope you will join me. I'm excited and hope a conversation time will become a regular part of THE ENCHANTED SELF!" 


Teleclass: Where oh Where is my ENCHANTED SELF?
Date: July 27, 2005
Time: 08:00pm EDT

Join Dr. Holstein for an exciting search- where oh where has my Enchanted Self Gone? Is she hiding? Is she lost? Has she run away? Will I ever find her? Great Questions and Dr. Holstein has the answer to all of them... in the free one hour teleclass. This teleclass is for all those who wish to lead an enlightened or enchanted life and who purchase Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein's new book or CD Rom "Delight", are invited to join us for a free one hour Teleclass July 27, 2005. "Delight" - Book: $14.95 or CD Rom: $24.95 and Free one hour Teleclass. To buy the books visit and then go to which ever edition of DELIGHT you prefer. This will automatically enroll you in the class and details will follow: Click here for more information.



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