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July 2005

Dear Dr Barbara,

Please join Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein for a "Free Conversation Hour" about how to get yourself spiritually stimulated. She will share some of her concepts about the "ENCHANTED SELF," and in the process you will get to share some of your stories as well.
"Free Conversation Hour" to be held July 25th, 2005, 8:00 PM EDT
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  • Buy "DELIGHT" - CD Rom $24.95 -Join a free teleclass!
  • Buy "DELIGHT" - Book $14.95 - Join a free teleclass!
  • Recipe for Enchantment #52
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  • Buy "DELIGHT" - CD Rom $24.95 -Join a free teleclass!

    July Special Buy the CD Rom "DELIGHT"
    and join Dr. Barbara Becker for a "free one hour teleclass" on July 27, 2005 8:00 EDT
    The book is filled with emotional and delightful reminiscences that will charm you even as you are inspired to begin thinking
    of your own ways to bring delight into your hearts.

    Buy "DELIGHT" - Book $14.95 - Join a free teleclass!

    July Special Buy the book "DELIGHT"
    and join Dr. Barbara Becker for a "free one hour teleclass" on July 27, 2005 8:00 EDT
    The book is filled with emotional and delightful reminiscences that will charm you even as you are inspired to begin thinking of your own ways to bring delight into your hearts.


    Dear Folks,
    I hope everyone is having a great summer.

    To get the ENCHANTMENT started today I would like to share with you an excerpt from my mother's new book, "FEEL GOOD STORIES!"
    My mom turned 85 years young this year and together we have compiled many of her stories from before she was born to her days at Reed's Landing, a retirement community in Massachusetts.

    Her stories reflect the best of THE ENCHANTED SELF as they are indicative of our capacities to rise above disappointment and bad moments and still find ways to experience good feelings, humor, insight, love and joy! I hope you enjoy these stories.
    Her book is available on my site,
    and her site
    The price is $14.95

    The book is a fast, joyful read that is perfect for a summer afternoon. It is also a great gift to give to your mom, your aunt, your grandmother and even your 10 year old. I have found that children love the stories. As a summer treat I will include free gifts for you when you order, including an ENCHANTED SELF bookmark and several paper newsletters!

    Please share your stories with my mom and myself also by writing to me at encself@aol.com I would love to have your story appear in my e-newsletter soon!
    Thanks, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

    The Movies: by Bernice Becker

    When I was a small child, I watched many movies in the Shawmut Theater in Roxbury. It was located close to Eagleton Square, which was bustling with activity and safe years ago. Today you don't venture there if you value your life. The Shawmut was more than a movie house. It was a community center, a second home, a retreat, a social gathering place, and of course, an entertainment facility. It allowed thankful parents to get a few hours away from their children as long as they had someone responsible to take their kids to the Saturday matinee.

    Tickets were either five or ten cents each. There was no food or drink sold in the neighborhood theaters when I was five years old, but there usually was a confectionery store nearby where you could purchase a generous amount of candy for a nickel. What could be more satisfying than your sweet- tooth treat as you sat patiently through the news, laughed aloud at the cartoons, and intently watched the main attraction and the important cliffhanger that made you want to return the following week?

    I walked along with my two older brothers, who were threatened with horrible punishment if they neglected to take good care of their little sister. It wasn't my fault that on the way I managed, God only knows how, to swallow a fairly large buzzing fly. I screamed as it tickled my throat, its wings beating in protest. Finally it slid down. I wanted to go home to tell my mother what had happened but my brothers didn't want to do that. They were thoughtful enough to assure me that flies were not bad and actually were good for you as long as you didn't consume too many. Little Bernice swallowed that bull along with the fly.

    We entered the large, imposing building of our weekend retreat and found seats. I sat between Arnold and Howard as always. Mom said that was the safest way. But what happened if I needed to visit the bathroom? They couldn't take me. My mother told me I could go if it was an emergency and we would have to ask a lady or older girl whom we knew to take me. I realize now that on Saturdays I was given very few fluids until I got home. Then I was urged to drink a lot to help the dehydration I'd been subjected to.

    We were surrounded by familiar, friendly faces. I waved to my neighbors. We were all in a jovial mood, anticipating a wonderful afternoon. There was chatter and laughter. Occasionally an usher would come around to shush people and to warn us we'd have to leave if we couldn't behave. To me, an usher was like a policeman. I didn't dare misbehave.

    Recipe for Enchantment #52

    Dr. Lee Jampolsky said "In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we overlook the fact that our natural state is one of joy." Here is a Recipe to encourage that natural state: Call a friend to meet for lunch. Agree that you and she will not complain. Dress up, put a flower in your hair or wear an outrageous hat. Bring your camera. Forget the diet. Sit outside if possible. Order foods you haven't had before. Bring a favorite poem or a special funny cartoon. Reminisce. Take your time. Go for a walk together afterwards and take pictures of yourselves hugging trees. Make plans for the next good time before you say "Goodbye". (This recipe may be varied to taste and climate.) Enjoy often.

    Quote and Blessing

    "Quote of the Month"
    "Travel in harmony, stay safe, keep the peace." Heard on W. 27th Street as I walked by two workers leaving a garment factory!
    "Blessing of the Month"
    May you also always travel in harmony with the environment at hand, stay safe and be someone who increases peace in our world.

    Teleclass Info

    Teleclass: Where Oh Where Has My "ENCHANTED SELF Gone?"
    Date: July 27, 2005
    Time: 08:00 PM EDT
    Join Dr. Holstein an exciting journey entitled "Where Oh Where Has My ENCHANTED SELF Gone?" Is she hiding or perhaps lost? Has she run away and will I ever find her? These are great questions and Dr. Holstein has the answer to all of these in her free one hour teleclass. This free one hour teleclass is for all those who wish to learn how to lead an enlightened or enchanted life. For those who purchase Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein's new book or CD Rom "DELIGHT" will be invited to join us for a free one hour teleclass, July 27, 2005, 8 PM, EDT.
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