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    of a plain old “gift”?
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    Enchantment in an e-mail
    from Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
    November 2005

    Dear Min,

    In this issue of my e-newsletter I thought we would focus on gift giving. After all, it is that time of the year. We are all hurrying and racing around looking for the perfect gift for each person on our list. I can help! THE ENCHANTED SELF has fabulous, inspirational gift specials with reduced prices, gift wrapping and free postage. Also, I have several associates in the wonderful world of happiness who have special gifts to offer! Please see some of what my specials below and also those of my friends.

    Another Recipe for Enchantment

    Imagine a beautiful vase of flowers,

    Every possible color that you love,

    Every sweet fragrance that appeals to you,

    Every petal soft as silk.

    Now place this vase on a table in a beautiful room

    That you create in your imagination.

    Fill the room with sunlight and

    The wonderful aroma of your flower bouquet.

    Sit down on a wonderful chair that you create-- maybe

    White wicker or a great recliner.

    Put your feet up and grab a great magazine you have been

    Waiting to read, or a book you can't wait to start.

    Call up and order in the best food from the greatest take-out place you can

    Imagine and read until the doorbell rings.

    No, there are no pots and pans to stir

    The holidays will be here soon enough with pots to stir galore

    So Just sit back and relax.

    This is your recipe for the moment,

    Your moment of renewal!

    You are entitled to this beautiful reverie.


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    Why not give genuine, lasting happiness this year instead
    of a plain old “gift”?
    Here's how...

    Give your loved ones happiness skills so they can create their own genuine, lasting happiness for the rest of their lives! It’s the most meaningful life-giving present you can give, one that will become more appreciated with each passing day!

    Happiness is a learnable skill that isn’t taught in school, at home, or in church. Yet our ability to create happiness completely determines our quality of life.

    This year 8 happiness experts have put together over 1000 easy, practical methods for creating personal happiness in a holiday gift basket.

    read on...

    James Green
    with something wonderful to share.

    Several wonderful packages for the Holiday Season have come my way from other talented people working constantly, as I do, to try to bring more light and happiness into people's lives. Here are two different opportunities for you as you plan for gifts for the Holidays:
    Have you ever asked yourself, "If I could go back and change anything in my life, what would I do differently?" James Green, in his book, "If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now...: Your Once-in-a-lifetime Chance to Get It Right" has collected gentle yet powerful stories from many people who talk about how to get it "right" and how to create a life without regrets. James put together a package of unique bonus gifts from renowned experts such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul) available for you when you order a copy of his book for $13.57 on November 30th.

    Please go to

    Quote of the month~

    "Look for the good in every person and every situation. You'll almost always find it." -- Ed Aberdeen

    Blessing of the month~

    May the sea always divide for you and let you through to your promised land. And may you be dancing and playing on tambourines as Miriam and the other women did as they crossed the Sea of Reeds .

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