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Dear Dr Barbara,

Dear Readers,
THE ENCHANTED SELF® had a great Conversation Hour on Monday, the 25th of July. I was fascinated with our conversations which, typical of women, went delightfully in several directions. However, one particularly comment stood out for me, as the originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®. I am eager to see how you react to the following comments.
Please send me your response at encself@aol.com. I will answer all responses!

Here is what Anne said:

"Your books and your website bring out the playful girl, the imp within me, that I have named Impy. She came out of hiding and I feel happy. I needed her. I needed a way to bring to life again to the special parts of me that can have fun, be mischievous, be daring, full of life, and joyful. Your Seven Gateways to Enchantment gave me a frame, a way to wrap my mind around what you are teaching and to give myself permission to have fun and to take pleasure as an adult woman."
Anne, California

What has the THE ENCHANTED SELF meant to you? Don't forget, I'll send you a full paper on the Seven Gateways. Just write to me requesting it!
Take Care,

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The ENCHANTED SELF award — this is an award given to those women and men who dare to be themselves in a way that truly brings pleasure, satisfaction and meaning to their lives and others. To qualify for this award the person must have passed through at least one of the Seven Gateways of Enchantment. Thus to nominate someone see if the person has done one or more of the following:

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