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A Taste of Enchantment - November 15, 2003

"Dedicated to helping you find delight and feel good about yourself."


Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Psychologist, Happiness Coach,

and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®







to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-letter!  This month, I would like to share a lovely and inspirational poem with you.  Enjoy!  Also, welcome new subscribers! To get familiar with the Enchanted Self concepts please visit our Positive Psychology Concepts page at www.enchantedself.com/concepts.htm or the e-letter archives at www.enchantedself.com/eletterarchives.htm


I am These Things

I came across the following beautiful poem that Bernadette Hoyer had written for THE ENCHANTED SELF newsletter several years ago, when the newsletter was all paper!  Yes, it existed then, before the magic of the e-mail newsletter.  Enjoy the beauty of her poem and the universality of her message and stay with me afterwards to chat a bit!


I am These Things

by Guest Writer, Bernadette Ehlert-Hoyer

I am the quiet of one a.m. & the rich magenta & golden yellow of sunrise

I am Fall, the crisp, clear air & the vibrant colors of the autumn leaves

I am the sun & all the shades of blue, magenta & the colors of sunset

I am soft, floating silk & gentle flowing rayon

I am Yule with Holly & the twinkling lights of a hundred candles.


I am a sandy beach drenched in daylight, fanned lightly by the cool breeze

I am woods with sunbeams making patterns through leaves on the forest floor

I am Kelly & Tanya & Jim and all my friends & family

I am moonlight & stars and the Universe

I am Amelia Earhart, Eleanor of Aquitane & Queen Elizabeth I.


I am Lemon Chicken & Key Lime pie at a backyard picnic in summer

I am the gentleness & spirit of Aquitane & the protectress of Artemis

I am the story of living & spirituality and peace

I am tranquility & the tinkling of Tibetan bells & the sound of waves upon the shore

I am all of these & more…



Wasn't that a treat?  And in terms of THE ENCHANTED SELF how does it fit in?  100%!  Let me explain.  THE ENCHANTED SELF is that part of yourself that knows and secretly has always known, how to feel whole, what it feels like to be happy, how to know when all is right in the world, how to be joyful, and how to be full of life, of love--of purpose! 


When I first came up with the name, THE ENCHANTED SELF, women were thrilled and thanked me.  They told me that indeed they recognized that part of themselves, but without a name they tended to diminish it or devalue it. 


Since that time women (and men) around the world have been using the expression: THE ENCHANTED SELF.  Although men find it a less 'perfect' fit for their masculine natures, all agree that in the hustle and bustle of modern living the essential "I" that is THE ENCHANTED SELF needs to be replenished.   That part of ourselves DEFINITELY needs to have fun, to feel optimistic and joyful, and not to get lost in the shuffle.


Bernie has given us an enchanted window to look through, by having the courage to reveal her inner self.  When we look through that window we see the most amazing thing.  The closer we come to our ENCHANTED SELVES, i.e. the truer we are to the essence of the best parts of ourselves, while taking the time to be good to ourselves, the closer we come to all the beauty in the world and all living beings! 


There is a sense of joy as we connect to ourselves and to the world.  It is close to rapture!  Thank you so much for sharing, Bernie.  I hope we can all use her poem to encourage ourselves to keep going--go for the joy, the fun, the replenishment and the work of being your ENCHANTED SELF!


A Short Adventure for You … 

Take some time to play with who you would be if you were a bird, an animal, a flower, a color, an aroma, a city.  Of course, it is not for real--you are a person.  Just use the mental stretch to see how it feels to identify with all sorts of beings and places and sensations.  You may find yourself feeing some new and interesting positive feelings. 


This adventure should also help you recognize positive aspects of yourself that you will realize you see in both the other and yourself.  For example, I might imagine myself as an owl.  I love their intense gaze and wise look.  Yes, I must admit that I pride myself on some of the same capacities to take it all in!

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Have an "enchanting" month.  I wish you all many enchanted moments!