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"Achieving Positive States of Mind and Body Again and Again"    

Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein , Psychologist, Life Coach, and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF(R)    


Welcome to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  Each month I typically focus on (and respond to) a question about enchantment and/or a reader's ideas on enchantment.

Last month I promised that I would continue to share with you more about why I chose the name THE ENCHANTED SELF, how we are all warriors as we strive to live a more positive life day to day, and how renaming yourself as an adult can give you more freedom to live an enhanced positive life of meaning.

In light of our terrible American tragedy, I would like to postpone the second part of that article for two more weeks and share my thoughts on the disenchantment that is now surrounding us.

Disenchantment All Around -- America under Siege

By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

I can only imagine that many of you are in shock, as I have been also this week.  Today, listening on the radio as I drove, I heard it reported that 'Andy' supplied many American flags down by what was the World Trade Center .  When asked about his donated flags, he simply said, "I save people, I save their spirits."  I think that he captures what has to be each of our bottom lines, in what we offer ourselves and others.  We need to think in terms of 'saving' spirits.  This means our own spirits as well as being there for others.

Eventually new buildings will be built but it is really the human capacity to stay uplifted and the spirit to do so that is so precious and hard to hold on to in moments of 'terror'.

For me, although I didn't directly lose a loved one or friend, I found myself since Tuesday A.M. grieving and feeling traumatized.  New York City has been my city for many years--I went to college there, I saw my first Broadway show there, I return there often--almost every week for classes, appointments, eating out, etc.  In fact, just last Thursday I was walking down by Canal Street because I had two appointments right near the World Trade Center .  It was such a beautiful, sunny late summer day.  I was feeling so good, healthy and really aware of my good fortune.  I would just stand at different corners and look around at the stores, the trendy restaurants and of course up at the skyline.  I was so impressed with how clean and how safe it felt to be even in lower Manhattan !  It was an Enchanted Moment for me.

How ironic!  So my heart goes out to all of us. If we could, we should hug each other, hold hands and feel the warm of life that is so precious.  The computer hasn't gone that far but we can each come up with some way to help save our spirits!

I also wanted to share with you what has really helped me this past week.  I think I have taken consolation in the wonderful touching stories of miracles and acts of kindness that have come out of this tragedy.  For instance, I heard about the men who carried another person down fifteen flights of stairs who broke his ankle on the way down!  I saw the video camera recording that a physician made as he walked through the ashes offering assistance after the cloud of ash and debris literally overtook him.  Talk about picking yourself up and just carrying on!  I heard about the woman who 'accidentally' set her clock for 6:15 P.M. instead of 6:15 A.M.   I heard about so many Jewish men who missed being there as they were late due to special prayers that are said one week prior to Rosh Hashanah.  I heard about the man who sat down and finished his reading because the elevator was too full--just when the plane hit.  I heard about the fireman that literally rode down, like a roller coaster the collapse of the building and went down eighty something flights with only a broken leg.  I've heard about Blood Banks full--unheard of!  So many miracles!  So many acts of kindness!

These help my spirit.  Also, over the years I have read about sending positive light into the world.  I try as I walk along with beach to send love out from my heart to all the people who are suffering and actually the whole planet.  It feels good.

Another thing I do is to try and talk to as many people as possible--whether on the phone or in person.  This tragedy makes me realize how much I love all of you.  I don't want to be alone, not only because anxiety creeps in and bad things feel worse, but because each of you is so wondrous.  We are so lucky just to be able to talk to each other and listen to each other's hearts.  What a brilliant mechanism of sharing God has given us!

And of course, last but not least, I have given money, items and offered counseling time.  I hope I can continue to give in many ways over the coming months.  

I think a blessing is in order …

Pray each of us be blessed the next few days with the companionship and the comfort that we need!  May our world be blessed with rational, brilliant leaders who behave with wisdom over the next few weeks and months.  May New York rebuild with joy and enthusiasm and may all who suffer find peace and the courage to heal!


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