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A Taste of Enchantment - July 16, 2003


"Dedicated to helping you attain joy, happiness and well-being."

Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Psychologist, Steps-to-Happiness Coach,

and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®








  ... to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  This month, instead of responding to a   question, I would like to share a fun and energizing exercise with you.  Enjoy!


Feeling Good and Feeling Good About Ourselves
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


I know how bad I have felt after a day of being jangled by too many phones, disturbing news coverage, too much traffic, too many chores and not enough laughter and refreshment.


Sometimes I have the chance to help others and myself feel less strain by sharing with them THE ENCHANTED SELF techniques. Here is one such opportunity:  I conducted an ENCHANTED SELF workshop at the American Psychological Association, held that year in New York City. As we started the workshop, participants commented how being in high-rise buildings and running from hotel to hotel, left them emotionally and physically depleted. They said how difficult it was to feel physically and emotionally centered in an environment that was not "natural", i.e., narrow hallways, no windows, artificial lighting, climate control, and disturbing sounds.


Fortunately, the suite where our workshop was held had windows and a breathtaking view. Amidst the disorientation and unnaturalness we were experiencing, we created a sacred space where positive images, stories and connections flowed freely through movement and verbal dialogue. The use of positive mental imaging combined with music and natural movements brought everyone to more relaxed states of well-being.


For example, one woman was able to recapture a wonderful state of being she had as a young girl as her fingers played an imaginary piano. Another woman looked out of the skyscraper window and found pleasure watching tiny specks of dust dance by, and watched a rooftop with a swimming pool
imagining it was the 1930's. All of us were sharing good feelings and feeling refreshed.


I was so happy. You see; I had the double-treat of helping others and myself experience our enchanted selves, i.e. ONE’S CAPACITY TO EXPERIENCE POSITIVE STATES OF MIND/BODY UNIQUE TO THE INDIVIDUAL.


An Activity for YOU!  A Play-date for Feeling Good

Much of what makes you special either happened to you or was lived out in your imagination even if your fantasies could not be actualized at the time. For example, I may have wonderful memories of traveling across country with my family when I was a child and getting back to these memories can bring me pleasure. Or, I may have yearned to win every badge as a Girl Scout, but never could as we moved and I couldn’t rejoin a troop.

Getting back to that girl who had the courage and stamina to finish every badge, yet couldn’t, can also bring back feelings of power, wonderment and a sense of well-being.

Ready to find a special treat in that treasure chest of wonderment that is you?

Relax and let your mind wander to different areas of your life that have given you pleasure; perhaps tied into nature, sports, relationships, cooking or even politics. Search for a memory that has good feelings and/or positive happenings. If that doesn't work, you might want to choose a memory in terms of the positive energy emanating from it. It may be an actual event or it may be a memory or what could have been. It really doesn't matter, as long as a special sense of your positive self comes through-perhaps your latent potential.

Take a few minutes by yourself to enjoy this memory.  Let yourself feel the good feelings once more-smile and even laugh.

After you have indulged in the fun of the memory, if you care too, make a list of all your positive traits and coping skills that were there, right in
that memory of yourself. I bet you will be surprised at how many you will find. Give yourself  a hug! You are special.

Please give us the pleasure of sharing your responses.  They may be posted on the web site or in future issues of the newsletter.  You can also chat about this topic or create your own in The Enchanted Self e-group at the following URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/encself


Please stop by my newly designed web site at www.enchantedself.com. I would love to get your feedback.  You can email me at encself@aol.com. Enjoy!

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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein



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Have an "enchanting" month.  I wish you all many enchanted moments!