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A Taste of Enchantment - June 16, 2003


"Dedicated to helping you attain joy, happiness and well-being."

Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Psychologist, Steps-to-Happiness Coach,

and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®








  ... to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  This month, instead of responding to a question, I would like to share a fun and energizing exercise with you.  Enjoy!

In any Recipe for Enchantment, you are the secret ingredient. It's your uniqueness, your capacities to laugh or to have a good time, to take a little bit of money and make something still work, to be in a good mood and perk up someone else, to give a compliment, or make someone else happy. It is your particular talents that may be involved in throwing together a little birthday party for the local dog who just turned two, just because you want to have a birthday party today and it is nobody's birthday.  Why not the big collie down the street? Whatever it is, the inventiveness, the spark, the fire--it comes from you. You are the secret, main ingredient. So stay part of my e-mail newsletter on enchantment for more information on how you can "get cooking" with joy and a daily sense of well-being.

An Activity for YOU!  Recipe for Personal Pleasure

This activity is designed to be fun. It helps you to use your imagination to begin to focus on the ingredients you need to have a wonderful time. Give yourself a quiet space, a pad of paper and a pen, and permission to daydream. Here we go. The world is your oyster. Plan out a day that takes you into account totally.

Now pretend you're looking back on that day.  What would you be most pleased about? Take this wonderful, imaginary day and make it closer to reality.  What are some of the ingredients you would need to make this day come true?  Here's the practical part: brainstorm your list.

I hope you've enjoyed creating a Recipe for Personal Pleasure. Now enjoy your thoughts about this special day, but permit yourself to put it aside to simmer. Come back to stir every once and a while. I hope that one of these times when you come back to stir, you will be ready to actually plan ahead and work on some real ways of bringing this day into reality.

Please give us the pleasure of sharing your responses.  They may be posted on the web site or in future issues of the newsletter.  You can also chat about this topic or create your own in The Enchanted Self e-group at the following URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/encself


Please stop by my newly designed web site at www.enchantedself.com. I would love to get your feedback.  You can email me at encself@aol.com. Enjoy!

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Have an "enchanting" month.  I wish you all many enchanted moments!