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A TASTE OF ENCHANTMENT: April 2003 Special Edition


"Dedicated to helping you attain joy, happiness and



Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Psychologist, Life Coach, and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF(R)




Welcome to the mid-month publication of The  Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  Each month I typically focus on (and respond to) a question about enchantment and/or a reader's ideas on enchantment.




Excerpts from THE ENCHANTRESS WITHIN(TM) Audio Show Featuring Guest Lisa Hammond, Founder of Femail Creations – Part Two of Three

by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


Thank you again for staying with me.  In the first part of this article series I explained how negative messages from a woman’s childhood can affect her life.  We will continue to explore that concept as well as look at how some amazing women found the energy and commitment to turn those negative messages into dreams and find enchantment in their lives.  In addition, please enjoy the following script from an audio show in which I interviewed my guest Lisa Hammond.  Lisa found a way to make her dream a reality and put enchantment back into her own life. 




As a psychologist and a woman I realized:



The above insights around women brought me to a place I first called THE DISENCHANTED FOREST, THE ENCHANTED SELF. However, over time ease of language took hold and THE ENCHANTED SELF was born. This expression became a verbal cue. It meant the capacity to recognize, validate and celebrate positive states of being.  Some were joyful, others meaningful, still others pleasurable or vitalizing.  All were unique to the woman experiencing them.  All were to be treasured, understood and used as beacons for the courage to return again and again to such states.


As they say, the rest is history. I developed more language, and ways of teaching therapists and their clients to view life in a more positive, hopeful frame.  A book emerged, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, (available on my site

www.enchantedself.com or many other sites, including Amazon.com). 


Then there was the second book, RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT, The Secret Ingredient is YOU!  This book is inspirational stories and journaling activities for the woman as she reads the book and is also available on the sites listed above. 


And more now, the audio show THE ENCHANTRESS WITHIN on www.ladybuglive.com is a living beacon to all the above.


I hope I shared enough with you to take you with me on one of my audio adventures. This is my project to bring the Enchantress Within each woman to the forefront. Let's celebrate her, honor her and learn from ourselves and others how to make her flourish!


Let me share with you an excerpt from my audio show, THE ENCHANTRESS WITHIN, so that you can be included in this wonderful flowering of US!


Come, now as I introduce the show and then enjoy some of my discussion with Lisa Hammond, creator and founder of FEMAIL Creations.


Dr. Holstein: I've been thinking a lot about us women and I have come to the clear and ultimate conclusion that within each of us lurks an enchantress just waiting to be born ...


I'm interested in helping you get to the enchantress that lurks inside of you, the special

unique person that you are and how you can use your magical spells--and I don't mean witchcraft, I mean your talents, your potential, your coping skills, your imagination, your abilities to convince others--your abilities to create how you can turn all of this into the magic of your own enchantress ...


Today I have with me an absolutely true enchantress. I have with me Lisa Hammond who is an entrepreneur and a creator of a whole world for women called Femail Creations and I'm really, really hoping that she will share with us some of the magic of her world.


Welcome Lisa.


Lisa: Thank you!


Dr. Holstein: I am so happy to have you with us! Well, your catalog has certainly gone around the world and your products and I know that you are--you seemed to have lived a somewhat magical life, coming to grips with your own authenticity life from some of the material I've read and would you be willing to hop in and tell us about yourself?


Lisa: Sure! I began Femail Creations a little over six years ago and it was really born out of my passion for women's issues and wanting to support and help the women. And I thought this would be a great tool for me to encompass not only my passion for women's issues but also my creative side. So that's how that was born.


Dr. Holstein: ... I hope you'll be willing to go back with me and do some exploring. Because for those women listening--the woman home with three babies or the middle aged woman who maybe retired young from being a public school teacher and really has 30 years in front of her--and all sorts of women in different situations, can you explore with me some of the courage and influences on you. I mean, you know, I never started a catalog company, you know? What was working? Or who came into your life? How did this take on some shape?


Lisa: Well it was a long journey as it is, I think, with most women. And you know, it really began you know ten years before I even started the catalog. It was just knowing that I really wouldn't be fulfilled as a person unless the work I was doing was truly meaningful. And then trying to decide what would that meaningful work be.


Dr. Holstein: Can you give us a couple of the things that went along the way with that process.


Lisa: Well I certainly.  I journaled a lot and you know I always had a basic understanding that the work for me personally to be meaningful would somehow have to empower other women to be their best help. So I had that as a basic foundation but what would that be? It was very long in coming. I thought about doing a bookstore.  I thought about many other ideas and I really wanted this catalog to arrive in my mailbox. This is the catalog I wanted to shop at.


... I just thought it would be so wonderful to have a venue to shop at that I knew as a consumer that every time I purchased from this catalog, my shopping dollars were going to support other women artists and other women business owners. ... It really is the heart of the catalog.


Really, you know, giving back, working with charities and truly supporting women business owners and women artists, it's the whole reason the catalog was born. And you know, once I figured out what it would be, once I decided that the vehicle would be to start a mail-order catalog I just leaped. But getting to that point, I think, is the part women often miss. I think we too long wait for all of our ducks in a row so to speak. We don't want to take our turn.




Next month we will conclude the audio show script with Lisa and let her finish explaining how she fulfilled her dream and released the enchantress within her.




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