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"Achieving Positive States of Mind and Body Again and Again"

Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein , Psychologist, Life Coach, and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF(R)


Welcome to the monthly publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  The following is what you will find in this month's issue.

Recipe for Enchantment #22

Imagine a beautiful vase of flowers,

Every possible spring color that you love,

Every sweet fragrance that appeals to you,

Every petal soft as silk.

Now place this vase on a table in a beautiful room

That you create in your imagination.

Fill the room with sunlight and

The wonderful aroma of your flower bouquet.

Sit down on a wonderful chair that you create--maybe

White wicker or a great recliner. 

Put your feet up and grab a great magazine you have been

Waiting to read, or a book you can't wait to start.

Call up and order in the best food from the greatest take-out place you can

Imagine and read until the doorbell rings.       

No, there are no pots and pans to stir this month.

Just sit back and relax.

This is your recipe of the month.

You are entitled to this beautiful reverie.


Article: Visiting the Matzo Factory - Part Two

By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

I am delighted to have a chance to continue telling you about my experience when I visited a real matzo factory in Brooklyn several years ago.  For me emotionally, it was very powerful--arousing in me thoughts and feelings that made me take a second look at what I value most.


Now years later, (after watching my friend's mom dance from her soul, so light on her feet, natural and at ease in her own living room) I was in a matzo factory in a small building watching Russian immigrants working.  They too, were unassuming, at ease and they danced with their arms as they rolled the dough.

Here were people who had lived their lives--unable to celebrate Passover.  Now they molded sacred Passover dough.  In the large barren room where they worked, standing at wooden tables, it seemed as though they created a positive energy system that gave me a sense of comfort and welcomed me--made me a part of things rather than being apart from things.  This was an energy that made colors richer and external values seem to matter less.  I knew in my soul as I watched, that metaphorically I was watching Joannie's mom dance all over again.  It is hard to put it any other way. 

It's not the only time that I have felt elated or excited, or really enjoyed myself, but the people in that room touched one of the deepest cores that I could account for in my being.  They touched a sense of validation of the human spirit, a space that had a form to it as solid as a rock, yet brilliant and transparent like quality sunlight.

As we left the matzo factory, I stepped back in to watch for a few more minutes.  One woman smiled.  I didn't want to leave.  Finally, I was dragged out, so to speak, as you remove a child when it is absolutely time to go.  At first the sidewalk felt cold and it seemed as if the sunshine had gone away.  I felt it was all in that room, not outside, even though it was bright.  If I had been a little younger--maybe a little braver--I would have let the tears of soul knowledge pour down my face or I would have run back into the matzo factory and hugged some of them saying, "thank you for being here and embracing me with your positive energies!"  But, I didn't have the courage.  I went along with my day as best as I knew how, working as hard as I could to knead their sunlight into the bread of my life!


Some forms of enchantment touch deeply into our souls.  Passover is a time when our souls are once more encouraged to strengthen and stretch.  Both Jews and non-Jews respond to the cry of the Exodus--"Let my people go!"  Or we could say, "Let me go!  Let me be free to grow and develop and not be imprisoned by depleting thoughts or feelings.  Let my soul soar, while I attempt to dance freely--my arms and legs moving in harmony with the universe as I find ways to bring heaven down to earth--a bit here, a bit there!"

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Quote of the Month

"Look for the good in every person and every situation.  You'll almost always find it."

            -- Ed Aberdeen

Blessing of the Month

May the sea always divide for you and let you through to your promised land.  And may you be dancing and playing on tambourines as Miriam and the other women did as they crossed the Sea of Reeds .


Have an "enchanting" month.  I wish you all many enchanted moments!


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