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A TASTE OF ENCHANTMENT: February 2003 Special Edition

"Dedicated to helping you achieve joy, happiness and well-being."

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Welcome to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  Each month I typically focus on (and respond to) a question about enchantment and/or a reader's ideas on enchantment.

This month we continue with part two of the following article.  Now that you have met Ed, let us finish his journey and share the miracle that saved his life.


Miracle on ‘Death Lane’ – Part Two

By Guest Writer, Felicia Weinberg

Thankfully, Ed was indeed okay. After we all stopped shaking and the tow truck had hooked the ruined car up and taken it to rest, limply, in our driveway, we all returned home in our car. Still feeling our fear, we each had a small drink to anesthetize ourselves (even I, a teetotaler, had a sip) and then watched a Jackie Chan movie until 5 a.m., when we went to bed.

I asked Ed the next day how he felt, traveling 12,000 miles in absolute safety and then losing his car a few minutes from home. Philosophically he told me that he felt okay and didn’t even have a need to replace the car. “It was as if it was meant to be,” he said.  He was appropriately thankful that he had escaped without a scratch. He was amazed that the

hood had curled so gracefully upward, leaving the front windshield without a scratch, and not even touching the roof, though it hovered above it by a mere two inches. He felt that it was a miracle that he had escaped untouched.

“Amen to that,” I thought, giving silent thanks to my mother, who has been gone for 12 years, but whom I am certain looks after us and makes sure that nothing drastically bad mars our lives. This is only one of several otherwise unexplainable instances where by rights our lives have been on a downward path, but something (or in this case, I’m sure someone) seems to step in and change our luck.

For how else could it be explained that the deer seemed to hit the exact tiny spot on the hood of the car which would disengage the lock and fling it backwards, while something seemed to guide the car gently to safety, narrowly missing a tall utility pole behind by a few feet.  Just yards ahead a thick metal fence protected both sides of the road. Had the deer hit him 30 seconds later, Ed would have bounced back and forth between the railings like a horizontal yo-yo. The small patch of road where he crashed, perhaps half a mile in length, is known as “death lane,” since it claims a handful of human victims every year--the result of ongoing deer collisions.

Ed had opened his door and walked away.  He is once again ensconced in college, and looking forward to obtaining his undergraduate degree next year.

Thank you, Mom!


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