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This is a great place to communicate.  I am a Positive Psychologist with several self-help books as well as an academic book in my field.  My first book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy really got me going.  This was …

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

If one thing doesn’t work – something else will… Life is so funny!   This quote is from my wonderful friend and colleague Coach Karin!  She just interviewed me for her telelvision show in Manhattan that will air in July- I’ll

Gateway Four: Replenishment – Truly Coming Home to Our Enchanted Self

Replenishment, joy, pleasure and delight are all parts of truly coming home to our Enchanted Selves. If any gateway is the pivotal gateway for a woman, it is this gateway. This is the gateway that we must return to above

Inspirational Remarks

Chofetz Chaim, a wonderful Jewish teacher, told others that he initially wanted to change the world, but found he couldn’t. Then he wanted to change his family, but he couldn’t. Finally he realized that he could only work on himself!

Gateway Three: Learning to Meet Our Needs and Negotiate Successfully

There’s nothing more demoralizing than a woman who does not know how to speak up for herself, who doesn’t have a voice for herself. When we feel ignored or not understood, we can feel rage and anger building.

So often …

Hi to all my Enchanted friends

In this world of fast paced communications, it’s very easy to become sidetracked when it comes to finding our Enchanted Self. We are constantly bombarded with images from TV, radio, magazines and newspapers telling us what to wear, how we …

Gateway Two: Falling in Love with Ourselves

This is an extremely important gateway. This gateway is achieved after we have made efforts to reclaim and honor our talents, capacities, strengths, lost potential and coping skills.

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A Gift from Mother – By Ellen Saposnik

When she was alive, my mother indulged my passion for collecting teddy bears. What began as an innocent purchase of one old-fashioned teddy 18 years ago has blossomed into a collection of more than 300 bears.

A few weeks ago,