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"Free Conversation Hour"
Please join Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein for a "Free Conversation Hour" about how to get yourself spirtually stimulated. She will share some of her concepts about the "ENCHANTED SELF," and in the process you will get

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Dear Friends,  I don’t know if you realize that there is an ENCHANTED SELF necklace to wear and to remind yourself that you are an enchanted self.  There is!  I am so eager to get women to wear the necklace …

Gateway Five: Coming Home or Going Away, Finding Tribes in Which to Belong – Part Two of Two

In first part we discussed how critical it is to belong to groups as well as how to find groups that meet our needs. In this section we will look at a Case Vignette to give you a good example

Gateway Five: Coming Home or Going Away, Finding Tribes in Which to Belong – Part One

All of us find ourselves automatically belonging to certain groups. There’s the family we’re born into, the family we may have created through marriage, and all sorts of other groups going on in our lives: PTA groups, office colleagues and

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This is a great place to communicate.  I am a Positive Psychologist with several self-help books as well as an academic book in my field.  My first book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy really got me going.  This was …

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If one thing doesn’t work – something else will… Life is so funny!   This quote is from my wonderful friend and colleague Coach Karin!  She just interviewed me for her telelvision show in Manhattan that will air in July- I’ll

Gateway Four: Replenishment – Truly Coming Home to Our Enchanted Self

Replenishment, joy, pleasure and delight are all parts of truly coming home to our Enchanted Selves. If any gateway is the pivotal gateway for a woman, it is this gateway. This is the gateway that we must return to above

Inspirational Remarks

Chofetz Chaim, a wonderful Jewish teacher, told others that he initially wanted to change the world, but found he couldn’t. Then he wanted to change his family, but he couldn’t. Finally he realized that he could only work on himself!