Another Recipe for Happiness, based on The Enchanted Self Way of Life!

Recipe for Enchantment #24


Take the advice of an 83 year old lady and follow it:

Read more and dust less.

Sit in the yard, admire the view.

Weed less.

Don’t ‘save’. Use your good China and crystal for

every event–even getting your sink unstopped.

Wear your good perfume for clerks in the hardware

store and tellers at the bank.

Do what you want to do. Think less in terms of

‘someday’ or ‘one of these days’.

Be there for those you love and for yourself!

Use this recipe again and again. Do not store–

keep in out on the counter for easy access.


— This recipe is loosely based on a letter

written by an 83 year old that made its way

around the web.

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